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Dandy in the Bronx x Saintly

Dandy in the Bronx x Saintly

Dandy in the Bronx

When Diego was a preschool teacher, he would dress well everyday so his students felt more comfortable in their uniforms. Realizing the positive impact his fashion had on the students, he decided to learn more about menswear past and present. Soon he was inspired to influence the future of menswear as well. His fashionable reputation grew as he started documenting his style. That led him to dress well not only in his professional life but in his social life, too. Dandy in the Bronx was born soon after and Diego decided to pursue this passion full-time.

Dandy In The Bronx attaches his work to brands and causes that he believes in. A storyteller at heart, Diego is interested in the narratives behind those brands and causes. With an emphasis on mission and a connection to historically underserved groups, he has collaborated with groups as diverse as TimberlandSt Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Estilo Clasico, Old Navythe Bronx NarrativeHP ComputersKK & Jay Supply Co. and more.

Diego was born in the Bronx, raised in the Bronx, and devotes much of his time to supporting causes and businesses in the Bronx. He aims to put the power to positively change the Bronx in the hands of those who live and are from there.


Picking out the “perfect” bag has always been a challenge. Perhaps you need laptop space or maybe you need something smaller, or you need something for travel. You would always have to compromise no matter what route you would take. Until Saintly came along. Any bag for any situation is now possible. I love being able to pick everything form how many pockets to the lining inside.

When I designed my All-American Weekender, I wanted something for a short trip. With that the durability of leather I knew this could take a beating and I could carry my laptop with no issue.

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