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Personal Style Tips from the Wall Street Stylist

Personal Style Tips from the Wall Street Stylist

We get it- building a signature style can feel overwhelming. So, we sat down with Jacci Jaye, the Wall Street Stylist, to get expert tips on creating a personal style.

What your top 5 tips to defining your own style?

1. Style inspirations are key. Select people past or present that have a personal style that resonates with you. This can be one person or a combination of a few people or styles. If it is more than one person determine what specifically about each one resonates with you.

2. Create style boards. I LOVE Pinterest for this. You can pull pictures from anywhere and place them into categorized boards. The more pictures you add the more you will be able to see styles and specific details that appear over and over, allowing you to narrow down and combine things to define your personal style. You can even add notes with each image.

3. Once you have defined your style go through your closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit that style.

4. After you have narrowed down by style the next step is to try everything on. One of the most important things about creating a polished, cohesive style is fit. FIT IS EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what designer it is or how expensive it is if it doesn’t fit properly.

5. The last step is to have fun with it. If you are in the least bit intimidated by the process hire a Stylist- they will set you on the right path. Personal style is about combining things from various stores and designers, as well as various seasons. Mix classics with trends, invest in a good tailor, know your body and what colors are best for your skin tone, know what items to splurge on, don’t forget that fit is everything, and never overlook the details.

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