You bring tremendous value as a fashion influencer or just a fan of custom fashion. We believe that should be rewarded, and are pleased to have you join our Influencer Program.

Drive Traffic,
Earn Credit

Once you’ve signed up, you will be directed to grab your unique referral link and share it anywhere you like.  As you spread the word about Consortium, our website will track your network’s visits to our site.  For each visit, we will give you $1 credit towards the purchase of any products on

Drive Sales,
Earn Commission

Use your credit to design your favorite custom accessories, and soon you’ll be making the most engaging content to keep posting with. You’ll drive even more visits and credit, and now even more sales. When you refer your network and they make a purchase, we track that as well. You will earn a commission, based on your current rank.

As a founding member of the CSTM Influencer program,
you will come in at our highest influencer commission rate:


To begin sharing, you can obtain and use images directly from the Influencer Gallery or Social Media Gallery, or anywhere else on our website.
These programs can be highly lucrative (in product & cash), and also are the path towards becoming a
Custom Style Ambassador


We reserve the right to monitor and invalidate any fraudulent or otherwise dishonest activity such as automated visits.

Alternatively, you can join one of our partnered programs.
However, the commission rates will be slightly lower there as the platform takes a fee.

If you are already an influencer on the rewardStyle network,
please search for Consortium and work with us there.

Otherwise, please sign up as an affiliate on the
Share a Sale network by clicking the image above.

As we monitor and observe the participation in our affiliate programs,
we will select and invite influencers to become

Custom Style Ambassadors

This incredibly unique program is an opportunity to easily create multiple product collaborations and generate a long-term revenue stream from them.

1) You select brands to work with and they approve you
2) You custom design your own style in their product lineup
3) When your custom goods arrive,  you create content and begin driving traffic to a page we create for you.
4) You get paid your affiliate commission for ANY sales that you drive, on any product.
5) When other customers see your designs and purchase from them, you still get paid for traffic you didn’t drive.

You can simply email us to express your interest here, and we will reach out as we work through a couple new Ambassadors per month.

You can get more details here.

See our first Custom Style Ambassador in action

Influencer Gallery

Once you have your unique referral link,
you can use images from the platform or download these images below and begin posting.

Please tag your posts with @shopconsortium and #CSTM
so we can monitor and reward your efforts.