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Olfactory uses only the finest natural and sustainable ingredients sourced from around the world. These are then formulated into beautiful fragrance oils right in New York.

Olfactory’s perfumers are the best in the business, as they have created some of the most ingenious and complex scents.  So Olfactory gave them free reign to showcase some of their favorite fragrances and accords, enabling you to create the most beautiful custom blends.

Start with one their original fragrances and then try adding accords…either in-store or online.

Whether it’s an original or your own custom blend, you can now pick your label color and stamp your own name on your bottle.

Once you’ve picked and named your scent, Olfactory will blend and bottle it fresh in their studio.

Olfactory ditches the celebrity marketing, licensing fees, and over the top packaging to bring the finest scents at a price that’s worth a sniff!

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