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Refining the essential wardrobe at the highest possible quality



Founded as a University project in 2016 by Gustavo Deseda, Gianni Agrapidaki & Julio Fericelli, DSPLACE strives to raise the bar in the ready-to-wear industry by dedicating time into every detail with a clear mission of bridging the gap between standard garments and high-end essentials.    

Their goal is to share the message behind the brand by making people aware of our vision. The logo in most of DSPLACE'S products comes in a piece of Italian material called Alcantara®. This represents the brand's forward thinking culture that believes in creating durable luxury items without harming the environment. Each capsule is a reflection of what they think is missing in their wardrobe and constantly challenges the idea of the highest possible quality at an accessible price point. DSPLACE'S job here is far beyond making clothing, they are on a mission to change your perspective and chase a life full of joy through traveling. See, for them luxury is freedom. working from anywhere in the world, being able to have time to enjoy life and having rich experiences in different parts of the globe represent their values. 

DSPLACE’S company culture is based on the idea of quality always preceding quantity because they want you to enjoy what truly matters while wearing their durable items. less stuff, less worries.    as DSPLACE expands, they plan to reinvest in our products with the idea of consistent innovation.

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