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Adapting the look, feel, and function of Classic Field Pants for everyday modern use.



About Fields Outfitting

When founder, Ryan, first arrived in Buenos Aires 7-years-ago, a friend handed him his first pair of bombachas de campo. He wore them, loved them—and quickly realized that doing so wasn’t considered particularly “cool” in the fashion capital of South America. His perfect everyday look was deemed antiquated and lacking in sophistication. So he teamed up with friend and Designer Nicolas Pedalino to create a product that blends old-school gaucho tradition with modern design resulting in a unique, rugged yet refined multipurpose pant. At Fields Outfitting, their small-batch designs pay tribute to the “gaucho identidad”— adapting the look, feel, and function of Classic Field Pant for everyday modern use. Featuring a slimmer fit with patterned trim, cuffs, and pockets, every pant is as unique as it is wearable.



Fields Outfitting offers free shipping on all domestic orders. We ship Monday through Friday via USPS. We try our hardest to ship within 24 hours of your order.

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