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Laptop Portfolio

For travel, the portfolio fits perfectly into the laptop compartment of the Weekend Fling size* All-American Weekender. Designed to be TSA compliant, you can quickly pull your Laptop Portfolio out of your Weekender, lay it flat on the security conveyor belt, and tuck it right back into your bag. Security is a breeze and you only have a single carry-on.


Laptop Compatibility
Weekender Bag Compatibility

The Laptop Case is made to carry most 13-14″ laptops, a charger, some documents, and business cards. The max dimensions for a laptop are 14″ x 9″ x 1″. New Apple Macbooks fit comfortably. The Macbook Pro 13″ also fits, while the 15″ does not.

18″ x 10.5″ x 1.5″

Weekend Fling
The Laptop Case fits perfectly into the laptop pocket of the Weekend Fling size All-American bag. Keep them together as a single carry-on to your flight. Once you’re aboard, pull out the Laptop Case for your own office at your seat.

One Night Stand
The Laptop Case does not fit into the One Night Stand sized bag.

Saintly offers three lines of fine leather in a variety of tone, texture, character, and colors:


Florentine is a very unique and charismatic cowhide leather from Italy. It will lighten slightly with time and gain character very quickly. It only comes in one color, a rich chocolate with some burgundy and purple hues. It is the lightest weight leather we offer.


Bison is a medium weight water buffalo leather coming from Italy. Because of its protective coat and finer grain, it scratches and wears the least of our leather offerings. It is available in Scotch, Terra Cotta, Chestnut, Chocolate, and Red.


Longhorn is a beefier and heavier cowhide coming from Brazil. As the leather is stitched and worked, its hue lightens slightly, giving it a worn character. It has a heavier grain and lighter protective coat, so it will wear in quickly. It is available in Black, Mahogany, and British Tan.

Choose from a variety of water-repellent duck cotton lining colors, and protect your belongings like no other bag does. Our linings are available in a variety of solid colors, as well as some specialty patterns.

Select your hardware color from our durable nickel, silver, brass, and antique options. Saintly will also match the zipper metal to your hardware for a beautiful matched finish.

Saintly only uses the finest bag zipper in the world: Lampo. These heavy duty yet buttery smooth zippers zip and unzip with ease and are custom ordered direct from the factory and hand-assembled for each bag in NYC.

Your zipper is made of two parts: the metal teeth which we match to your hardware selection, and the fabric tape or ‘trim’ which we blend to the leather. For a highly unique detail, you can select a different trim that stands out against the leather.

* Lampo zippers are used by Prada, Gucci, Diesel, Tod’s, Bally, Zegna, Chanel, Burberry, Versace, Belstaff, and now Saintly.

Add another distinct customized touch to your bag with a diverse array of colored stitching options to choose from. If you prefer to blend your stitching color to your leather color you can indicate this by simply selecting "blend to leather".

For a final touch, monogram up to 4 letters on the handle of your All-American. Not only is this area visible to you as the owner, but it will also give your All-American an unforgettable personalized look.

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