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Customizable Areas: Body & Vamp


Shoe Trees

The Derby recognized by its open lacing offers pure comfort to shoe-lovers who have a wide foot or an unusually high instep

Choose between using a standard shoe size or taking custom measurements of your feet.

Take the customization process one step further by getting a custom last made for your feet. For a one time charge of $400, our artisans will keep your last on hand for all of your Awl & Sundry creations.

Our shoes can be constructed in two ways: Blake and Sacchetto Welt.

Blake Welt- The most common welt. Blake stitching is flexible and uses a single stitch to attach the upper to the sole.

Sacchetto Welt- Quintessential Italian construction. Sacchetto stitching is the pinnacle of comfort because the stitching position meets at the very end of the shoe, eliminating the discomfort of rubbing into seams. It'll feel like you are wearing slippers! (+$100)

Handmade shoes are an investment. Protect yours with our genuine cedar shoe trees. (+$30)

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