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Luggage & travel goods that simplify & enhance your adventures


About Saintly

In 2015, Saintly launched with the “All-American”, the first-ever fully-customizable leather weekender bag. Founded by Sam Payrovi, the Saintly brand evolved to a customizable leather goods and accessories company, with the belief that our luggage and travel accessories should work to simplify and enhance our adventures instead of complicating them by restricting what we can and cannot take.

We all travel differently, go to distinct places and need to bring along different items. Saintly offers a wide range of high-end leather products that can be personalized to complement your unique individual lifestyle. With production studios based right in the heart of New York City’s Fashion District and now Texas, all Saintly products are hand-made using high-quality materials to fit your individual needs and exacting design.

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