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My Personal Pain-Point

My Personal Pain-Point

I’m a former Investment Banker and the stories are true. We’d often spend 100+ hours a week at the office. When the financial crash was bearing down on us, my boss couldn’t hire the 2 analysts I was promised in my recruitment. Having not taken a real trip for over a year, we agreed that I would work remotely whenever I wanted, on my alleged ‘vacations’. I once rushed home from a night club in Cartagena, Colombia at 3am to run analytics on a deal …it’s a miracle I didn’t blow that deal up. My laptop needed to be within 30 minutes of me, no matter where in the world I was…meaning I needed to take 2 bags on every trip, whether international or a weekend beach trip. I despised being the guy that walked into a weekend home, toting a rolling bag and a laptop bag.

Over the next few years, I went down a rabbit-hole of looking for the ultimate ‘single carry’ bag that would hold my clothes, laptop, and separate my shoes into another pocket. I’d seen bags that did one or the other…but not all. I wanted product perfection. Surely Porsche Design offers something like this, no? My search began…magazines, SkyMall, stores. I never found it…no such bag existed.

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