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a sustainable Lifestyle brand that closes the gap between street wear and athletic wear, with the liberty of reconciling our Art self and Act Self while creating a fluid avenue to life

About the Athletic Side of US

The Athletic Side Of Us is a Sustainable lifestyle-accommodating brand, which reconciles fashion with the dynamic fluidity of life, and with the evolving, athletic nature of human beings and their ever-changing humanity. TASOU is a sustainable clothing and essential accessory brand, considering The Athletic Side of Us; the side of us, which is always on the move – whether for work or pleasure – in the infinitely mobile and interconnected modern world. Reconciling the athletic, Act self, with our everyday experience; the TASOU Brand aims to bring fashion and essential accessories world forward into the everyday world, where it’s necessary for both style and functionality to be combined in our way of life. Cultivated by New York based designer Chuks Collins, the collection is inspired by his diverse background and upbringing, integrating the sleek lines of New York streets, with the fractal geometric shapes and colours of ancient and current day Nigeria – a country that had a large influence on the designer’s childhood, and is often an inspiration for his designs, as he taps into his ancestry and the fond memories of childhood.

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